Life After Demise

Nisse’s wife Leila has honest correct died nonetheless he feels he’s done ample mourning. Family and chums are overrun by Nisse who honest correct wants the funeral to be over and done with. No fuss and no mourning right here! Nisse demands to be left by myself. So, there he is, with the most efficient component final – the sorrow. Nisse grows to model that even a deep loss will not be any excuse to glean rid of everyone and all the pieces.

Gjennomsnitt stemmer: 6.8

Språk: svenska
Produksjonsland: Finland,
Produksjonsselskap: Citizen Jane Productions Oy
Orginal tittel: Livet efter döden
Kategori: Drama,Comedy


  • Nisse: Peik Stenberg
  • Elsa: Lena Labart
  • Stefan: Martin Paul
  • Brita: Sara Arnia
  • Priest: Jonas Bergqvist
  • Funeral residence employee: Kent Sjöman
  • Graveyard employee: Stan Saanila
  • …: Lena Gärkman
  • …: Anna Hultin
  • …: Sofie Häkkinen
  • …: Emil Lindqvist
  • …: Mauri Nieminen
  • …: Erik Peltola
  • …: Tom Saxman
  • …: Lotta Taarasti
  • …: Oscar Öhman
  • …: Walter Öhman


  • Cinematography: Robert Nordström
  • Editor: Thomas Täng
  • Tune: Matti Bye
  • Writer: Klaus Härö
  • Producer: Elina Pohjola
  • Producer: Leila Lyytikäinen
  • Casting: Minna Sorvoja
  • Make-up Style designer: Pia Mikkonen
  • Sound Style designer: Micke Nyström
  • Manufacturing Construct: Markus R. Packalén
  • Costume Construct: Riitta Peteri
  • Line Producer: Inka Hietala


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