The Empty Man

After a team of teenagers from a shrimp Midwestern metropolis birth to mysteriously depart, the locals give it some idea’s the work of an metropolis yarn identified as The Empty Man. As a retired cop investigates and struggles to earn sense of the tales, he discovers a secretive team and their attempts to summon a horrific, mystical entity, and soon his lifestyles—and the lives of these end to him—are in grave anguish.

Gjennomsnitt stemmer: 6.3

Språk: English
Produksjonsland: France,United States of The US,
Produksjonsselskap: BOOM! Studios
Orginal tittel: The Empty Man
Kategori: Crime,Drama,Dismay


  • James Lasombra: James Badge Dale
  • Brandon Maibaum: Joel Courtney
  • Arthur Parsons: Stephen Root
  • Nora Quail: Marin Ireland
  • Duncan West: Owen Teague
  • Paul: Aaron Poole
  • Garrett: Robert Aramayo
  • Davara Walsh: Samantha Logan
  • Greg: Evan Jonigkeit
  • Ruthie: Virginia Kull
  • Fiona: Jessica Matten
  • Allison Lasombra: Tanya van Graan
  • Detective Villiers: Ron Canada
  • Amanda Quail: Sasha Frolova
  • Lisa Schwartz: Jamie-Lee Cash
  • Coroner: Bryan Kreutz
  • Meyer: Connor Dowds
  • Pedestrian: Brian Wolfman Murky Bowman
  • Pedestrian: Connie Hollins
  • Place of job Parker: Jaan Marion
  • Acolyte: Sven Ruygrok
  • Officer McManus: Michael Bundred
  • Pontifex Young Man: Vere Tindale
  • Pontifex Receptionist: Reine Swart


  • Casting Director: Denise Chamian
  • Screenstory: David Prior
  • Fashioned Song Composer: Christopher Young
  • Director of Photography: Anastas N. Michos
  • Casting Director: Christa Schamberger
  • Production Clothier: Craig Lathrop
  • Paintings Route: Shane Bunce
  • Producer: Ross Richie
  • Paintings Route: Chris Cleek
  • Line Producer: Alan Shearer
  • Co-Producer: Adam Yoelin
  • Co-Producer: Adam Friedlander
  • Editor: Andrew Buckland
  • Co-Producer: Philip Waley
  • First Assistant Director: Andre Weavind
  • Costume Clothier: Neil McClean
  • Compositing Lead: Byron Tofas
  • Second Assistant Director: Robyn Glaser
  • Graphic Original: Cullen Bunn
  • Producer: Stephen Christy


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