The New Mutants

5 younger mutants, gorgeous discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility in opposition to their will, fight to obtain away their previous sins and set up themselves.

Gjennomsnitt stemmer: 5.8

Språk: Español,Français,English
Produksjonsland: United States of The US,
Produksjonsselskap: Marvel Entertainment,20th Century Studios,20th Century Fox,TSG Entertainment
Orginal tittel: The New Mutants
Kategori: Action,Science Fiction,Alarm,Adventure


  • Danielle Moonstar / Mirage: Blu Hunt
  • Rahne Sinclair / Wolfsbane: Maisie Williams
  • Illyana Rasputin / Magik: Anya Taylor-Pleasure
  • Samuel Guthrie / Cannonball: Charlie Heaton
  • Roberto da Costa / Sunspot: Henry Zaga
  • Dr. Cecilia Reyes: Alice Braga
  • Dani’s Father: Adam Shoreline
  • Thomas Guthrie: Thomas Kee
  • Younger Illyana: Colbi Gannett
  • Reverend Craig: Jubilant Anderson
  • Smiling Man: Dustin Ceithamer
  • Smile Males (direct): Marilyn Manson
  • Coal Miner: Mickey Gilmore
  • Coal Miner: Jeffrey Corazzini


  • Casting: Ronna Kress
  • Producer: Karen Rosenfelt
  • Producer: Lauren Shuler Donner
  • Govt Producer: Stan Lee
  • Director of Images: Peter Deming
  • Production Map: Molly Hughes
  • Producer: Simon Kinberg
  • Usual Tune Composer: Designate Snow
  • Hair Division Head: Brenda McNally
  • Editor: Robb Sullivan
  • Costume Map: Leesa Evans
  • Make-up Division Head: Trish Seeney
  • Characters: Len Wein
  • Further Tune: Nate Walcott
  • Producer: Hutch Parker
  • Comic E book: Chris Claremont
  • Further Tune: Mike Mogis
  • Make-up Effects: Carey Jones
  • Director: Josh Boone
  • House Decoration: Merissa Lombardo
  • Editor: Matthew Rundell
  • Artwork Direction: Steve Cooper
  • Costume Map: Virginia B. Johnson
  • Foley Artist: Dan O’Connell
  • Artwork Direction: Ravi Bansal
  • Screenplay: Knate Gwaltney
  • Stand In: Casey McDougal
  • Tune Editor: Katrina Schiller
  • Dialect Coach: Howard Samuelsohn
  • Hairstylist: Camille Friend
  • Key Make-up Artist: Nichole Pleau
  • Pyrotechnician: Thomas Carroll
  • Pyrotechnic Supervisor: John Ruggieri
  • Particular Effects Supervisor: Designate Hawker
  • Editor: Andrew Buckland
  • Sound Mixer: Steve Cantamessa
  • Declare Operator: Scott La Rue
  • Particular Effects Technician: Christopher Walsh
  • Stand In: Acei Martin
  • House Style designer: Anthony Raymond
  • Aerial Coordinator: Frédéric North
  • Make-up Effects: Julie LeShane
  • Comic E book: Bob McLeod
  • House Style designer: Vince Mountain
  • Particular Effects Technician: Leslie Coogan
  • Stand In: Ralph Ayala
  • Particular Effects Technician: Pete Kelley
  • Artwork Direction: Loic Zimmermann
  • Make-up Artist: Kristen Strassel
  • Particular Effects Technician: Adam Bellao
  • Particular Effects Make-up Artist: Andy Bergholtz
  • Pyrotechnician: Juliana Lima
  • Particular Effects Technician: Timothy Massey
  • Stunt Coordinator: Walter Garcia
  • Dialect Coach: Jamison Bryant
  • Stand In: Nadia Sayess
  • Characters: Dave Cockrum
  • Stunts: Jesse Stoudt


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